Spec­trum Imaging’s first action images were at a small moun­tain bik­ing event near Cam­bridge, Ontario and the banks of the Grand Riv­er the first week­end of August, 1999 using a rent­ed dig­i­tal cam­era, a Win­dows 98 com­put­er, a big and heavy 19” NEC mon­i­tor and a print­er that  print­ed qual­i­ty images even by today’s stan­dards. We used that print­er for only a few months, How­ev­er a cou­ple of its prints are still with us in our main office. I believe it would take about 5 min­utes to print a 5X7 on that print­er. Well , we are still tak­ing action pho­tos in 2013 and are using very sim­i­lar equip­ment but of course every­thing is lighter, faster and longer last­ing. We have prob­a­bly pho­tographed 20 dif­fer­ent sports, some only once such as water polo and oth­ers hun­dreds of times such as hock­ey. Our favourite sports over the years to pho­to­graph have been base­ball, bas­ket­ball, lacrosse, hock­ey and moun­tain bik­ing; one of my favorites!

Spec­trum Imag­ing has a per­ma­nent archive over 500 tour­na­ments tem­porar­i­ly offline. It has been my pas­sion to make avail­able the images Spec­trum has tak­en over the years with the belief that the young kids will be inter­est­ed in see­ing those pic­tures again with the abil­i­ty to share with their new fam­i­ly and pur­chase them if they wish.

Spec­trum Imag­ing is hav­ing fun and as long as the young ath­letes are hav­ing fun, great action images will be tak­en. If any­one or any group would like to ask Spec­trum Imag­ing to come and pho­to­graph (or HD video) their event do not hes­i­tate to Con­tact Us. We are small and extreme­ly pro­fes­sion­al and we real­ly love being the ones who take the images that you love to have hang­ing  in your homes. Many, many for­mer cus­tomers tell us that those pic­tures or plaques they bought years ago are still amongst their favorite images of their chil­dren. When I hear that I know choos­ing to do this work 13 years ago wasn’t actu­al­ly work but a fun way to make an hon­est liv­ing.  Let’s see what the next 13 years bring shall we?

Roger Ster­mann